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Hi!  We run presentations for a number of companies, at various times over the week.  Attendance is by invitation only.  To get an invitation, and find out the next scheduled presentation time, please email .


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  • What company are you interested in.  if you do not know this yet, we do run general overview presentations that will tell you about a number of companies that might be suitable.
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About Me

About Me

I am a strong believer in leading a healthy life by using only top-quality, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and by using the best available dietary supplements, and essential oils.  I've been a computer programmer for a long time, and have been working online, and teaching others how to work online, for a long time too.  I love sharing what I have learned about both healthy living and earning online, with others.


I live in New Zealand, but love to help people all over the world.  The best way to reach me is to  find me on Facebook at

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